A colorful end to our Graphing Straight Lines topic is a project that requires students to choose at least 12 equations of straight lines, give 3 pairs of coordinates and plot them to create a exciting mixture of intersecting lines that will produce sections. Each section will then be coloured to achieve a stained-glass window effect.

When all given 30 equations of lines are graphed, the sections made by the intersecting lines become smaller and can become more colourful and stunning stained-window effect, especially if planned very well. An ordinary colouring material may be used.

Water-based paints when used as media can also give this magnificent projects.

Coloured pens may also give great results.

Other results:



How to make your own Stained-Glass window, follow the steps below:

Download the blank Cartesian Plane and the List of Equations  from the link below:

Stained Glass Window Project