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Your first-aid-kit in Mathematics


In real life, a first aid is an emergency care given to an injured person for the purpose of reducing and minimizing injury or pain and future disability.  After an injury, we normally seek for our medicine cabinets or our first-aid kit for supplies such as gauzes, bandages, alcohol, cottons, hydrogen peroxide, aspirin, etc to at least cover open wounds or perform life-saving actions.

MATHECINE [short for Mathematics Medicine] is conceptualized in the same manner as a first aid kit: to provide help and assistance to any person who needs help in the Mathematics subject immediately when we encounter difficulty in our Math classes.

It is aimed to be your first-aid kit in Mathematics. Like a one-stop site, it hopes to contain as much classroom activities, math projects, worksheets, revision and assessment papers, posts, and information about the Mathematics subject.


Resources for Math Teachers

  • Lesson Plans
  • Math Classroom Activities
  • Videos for Specific Topics
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Math Project Ideas
  • Question Bank for your Math Classes


Study Materials for Students

  • Worksheets
  • Videos to enhance understanding
  • Practice Papers for Tests, Quizzes and Examinations
  • IGCSE Revision Materials for Mathematics 0580 and Additional Mathematics 0606


Math Enthusiasts

  • Interesting math-related ideas and concepts



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